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Welcome to our farm!

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Located about 90 km away from the bustling city of Hyderabad, Fortune Dairy boutique embodies a harmonious blend of modern techniques and traditional practices, resulting in a truly exceptional dairy production process.


We have embraced the advancements of the modern era while honouring the wisdom passed down through generations of best practices.


The key aspects that set us apart are our commitment to producing in small batches, pasteurizing milk in a low & slow manner, wherever possible handcrafting the processes with care to produce artisanal end product. This allows us to maintain meticulous control over the quality of our dairy products.

By adopting small-batch production, we have the advantage of overseeing every step of the process with utmost precision and care. From gathering the milk to maintaining the cold chain to the final packaging, our hands-on approach ensures freshness and high quality. Each batch is a testament to our dedication to providing dairy products of unparalleled excellence.

On the other hand, small batch production allows us to exercise a level of control that is simply unattainable on a larger scale. We meticulously monitor the entire production process, paying close attention to sourcing, hygiene, and quality standards. 

Our traditional practices such as low & and slow pasteurisation add a unique touch to our milk, enhancing its authenticity and appealing to consumers who appreciate traditional dairy farming methods and an artisanal locally sourced product. 

At our dairy farm, we place a paramount emphasis on maintaining excellent hygiene standards. We understand that hygiene is fundamental to producing safe and high-quality dairy products. 

Our dedicated veterinary team regularly carries out health check-ups to prevent the spread of diseases among our workforce and livestock. Regular testing of milk samples is conducted to monitor and ensure their safety and quality. 


We have put robust systems in place to ensure that our dairy animals receive appropriate nutrition from our proprietary blend of feed, clean water, and comfortable resting areas. These systems also enable us to track each dairy animal's health and milk production which allows us to provide personalized care to our cattle. We believe that happy and well-cared-for cows produce superior milk, so we prioritize their welfare and comfort.


In addition to these measures, we maintain a culture of continuous improvement and learning and implement best practices accordingly.

Lastly, our focus on small-batch production, traditional practices, animal welfare, sustainability, and technological advancements enables us to produce top-quality milk and dairy products as we remain dedicated to delivering excellence to our valued customers.

To visit our farm please send an advance email to:


Requests for farm visits are accepted through email only.

Thank you in advance!

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