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Fostering stainability & dairy innovations is at the heart of Fortune Dairy. By fostering sustainability, we are ensuring that the production process using small batches has a less impact on the environment, and through innovations, we are continuously improving the quality and freshness of the products we offer. This is leading us to offer the highest quality dairy products, services, and positive customer experiences. 



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Srinivas Reddy Muppidi


Srinivas Reddy Muppidi is a well-known social entrepreneur. He is the visionary and powerhouse behind the highly successful Fortune Dairy, and the architect of the iconic Pristine brand.  

Equipped with advanced degrees from the United States, he returned to India in 2009 after a two-decades-long stint as a Telecom Engineer and an Entrepreneur. In 2012, he started Fortune Dairy, a boutique dairy farm, with a vision to provide clean and healthy milk in Hyderabad. He has been interviewed by numerous media houses, about his social mission of creating better lifestyles with his clean milk initiative, and is recognized as one of the pioneers of the Hyderabad Premium Dairy sector.  

Having established himself as one of the industry leaders, he is now working on his vision to empower local farmers. With the creation of the online marketplace for the Pristine brand, he hopes to improve the online shopping experience of Pristine Club members all while ensuring quality and delivering the best possible farm-fresh products to the customers.   

He is truly a born leader whose commanding intelligence, industry expertise, and dedication enable him to work towards making his vision a reality. He works relentlessly to keep his customers satisfied and the workforce happy. He is the pillar of strength and inspiration at Fortune Dairy and associated businesses. 


Dr. Arthi Reddy


Dr. Arthi Reddy is an Entrepreneur and an Economist with versatile experience in many facets of business activities.  

She has advanced degrees in Computer Science and Math from the US and has attended the Executive Management Program at Wharton Business School.


After returning to India, she obtained a Ph.D. in Economics, with a focus on Women's Empowerment among rural women entrepreneurs. Women's empowerment is essential not only for our region but as a whole to our country's sustainable development as it plays an important role in boosting literacy, employment opportunities and remains one of the significant contributors to social reforms.
She brings in her rich experience gained in the various roles that she had held in the US including the Financial world on Wall Street, Supply Chain technologies with SAP Americas, Corporate Strategy with various MNPs to Fortune Dairy, and the Pristine Brand.  


Her pivotal role in carrying out Branding and Marketing strategies in Fortune Dairy is shown in the recognition that the brand Pristine has received in the city today.


She is continuously working towards extending these strategies into every new product of the company.  



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