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What truly sets Pristine Ghee apart is its purity and authenticity. Crafted from the finest cow and buffalo milk, Pristine Ghee encapsulates the essence of traditional Indian flavours. Its preparation involves a meticulous process that ensures the preservation of natural goodness and the characteristic aroma of pure desi ghee. Through careful churning, simmering, and clarification, Pristine Ghee attains a level of purity that transcends mere culinary boundaries.

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Buffalo Ghee

Another gem of purity, unmatched authenticity and great quality in Buffalo Ghee. Another loyal  companion in your kitchen ..for sure

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A2 Cow Ghee

seeking purity, authenticity and great quality in A2 Cow Ghee? Choose Pristine A2 Cow ghee once but it will remain your kitchen companion forever..for sure

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Pristine buffalo ghee

Cow Ghee

Finest Cow Ghee, 100% pure and made from the best breed of cow's milk. Unmatched!

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Pristine Ghee is 100% natural & and pure ghee obtained from grass-fed healthy cattle. its hand-crafted in small batches in a long and slow artisanal method.    

A combination of the finest breed of cows balanced proprietary feed, good infrastructure, hygienic production using a traditional method and the best handling practices makes Pristine Perfect.

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